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Having heard and read about the concerns regarding Radon, my wife and I started to look into what it was, the effects of Radon and how to fix any problems that we might have.  After a conversation with a friend about Radon, she told my wife about Advanced Radon Solutions (ARS).   With this, we called ARS and set up an appointment with Ben.  Ben came out to our house and in a professional and in laymen’s terms, explained what Radon is, how it happens and why, how to test for it, and what are the solutions.  Ben then left a monitor to check the present level in our house (free of charge).  After a couple of days, Ben returned and checked the levels.  Federal standards indicated that anything over 4 points indicate there is a problem.  Ours was just over 7.

With this information, we decided to have the problem resolved.  Working with Justin, a time was set up to come to the house to install the equipment.  Justin was very knowledgeable on the construction issues of the installation.  This was beneficial to me as I did not want to have issues with the house.  Both Justin and Ben worked on the installation which was done in a professional manner, from the explanation of what they were going to do, to setting up things to protect items in my house, the actual installation including clean up, and explaining exactly what things I needed to know to ensure that the system continued to work correctly, including any follow up that I might have.  Everything was done, from start to finish, in a polite, professional, and knowledgeable manner.  Justin encourage us to have a third party, such as the State of Utah which do provide kits to test, come in and test for Radon.  After the work was done, this was done and our numbers were between 1.5 and 2.  Price was very competitive and reasonable with other companies.

The main reason for installing a radon mitigation system is to protect my wife and I, and especially my grandchildren when they visit, from the hidden effects of radon.

Advance Radon Solutions, both Justin and Ben, were professional, polite, knowledgeable,  and it was a pleasure to work with both of them.  I would highly recommend working with them on any issues that you may have with Radon issues, from what it is, to having to fix any problems, to the complete solution.